2014 New Year New Clients

2014 New Year New Clients

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2014 New Year New Clients


The New Year is a good time to reflect on your business. I often think about processes and method that worked really well and ones that I may have to eliminate. As a business owner, the success of your business lies in planning. It is imperative that you take a look at your business model and plan to determine what is working and what is not. If you are not obtaining new clients and are just making enough to cover expenses then it’s time to review your marketing plan. How will you improve for the New Year and get more clients?

Look over Last Year’s Marketing Plan

As you are take a look at your business procedures, the first place to view in the realm of sales is your marketing plan. Your marketing should be tracked so that you can see what is working and what is not. You can easily get rid of promotions and campaigns that are not very effective and plan to replace them with new efforts that may be more successful.

Who is Your Target Audience?
When you are reviewing your marketing plan refine who your target audience is. Without clearly knowing who your products or services are targeted at, you cannot effectively decide what marketing tools to implement. It is vital that you decide specifically who your target audience is and then work from there. A great tool to use to determine your target market is US Census Bureau at www.census.gov/, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights.

Use Social Media
Social media is a wonderful way to draw people in, but they won’t come unless you’re on social media. It doesn’t matter which social networks you use, you simply have to be active. Active users have more followers, gets more hits on their page, and their content travels farther than most.

Attend More Events
Attend networking events to see what is trending in the industry, for branding purposes, and to develop relationships that leads to referrals.  I would even consider attending events that are not closely related to your industry.  Try not to count any event out because you never know who may be in attendance.

Hire a Business Consultant
Many small business owners try to handle all aspects of the business themselves thinking that it will save them money. In hindsight, it really doesn’t. It only cost the business owner time and money.¬†Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes allows you to make better decision and the money spent on a consultant should pay-off with new clients. Small business marketing can be tricky, and you need all the help you can get.

Using these strategies and others should profit your business greatly. Remember that marketing is not a-one time event but a continual process of finding what works and what doesn’t work for your organization. If you are interested in other marketing strategies, check out www.JoshuaMarketingGroup.com and subscribe to our free eBook, 10 Free Ways to Market Your Business.

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