Vendor Event Marketing Tips

Vendor Event Marketing Tips

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 Vendor Event Marketing Tips

This is the time of year when there are many expos, tradeshows, and other events happening.  We get excited about the opportunity to meet our customers eye to eye or even the opportunity to meet (prospects) potential new customers.  So we start preparing.  We order our giveaways, maybe some nifty new pens from Creative Graphic Solutions.  We then wait for the day.  It finally comes.  There seems to be a buzz of excitement in the air.   People start to enter the Abilene Civic Center or the Expo Center.  We look around for our table.  We hope they didn’t move us because the table we had last year was great.  We found it, same one.   We then set-up the booth. Lastly, we sit and wait for the customers to run in by the droves.  But many factors are not considered when marketing at events.  Here are some top secret tips to make the most out of event marketing. 

Tracking is key– Remember to bring a way to track who is interested in your products or services.  A basic form with space for name, phone number, and email would allow potential customers who are interested in your products and services to sign up or opt in. Always add a disclaimer at the bottom that states “we will keep your information private and will not distribute your information to other parties.”  “Make sure to keep the form out of eye sight of other passing by. I have seen many people show up to trade shows just to give away stuff with no way of tracking potential customers.  Sadly, this could be a waste of time and money, for the organization they represent.

Connect with other businesses– Before or after the expo I normally go to other businesses booth.  This is a great way to meet prospects.  Sometimes I have even met the owner of the business owners.  Tell them briefly about the products and services you offer and if somehow you could set an appointment to see about collaborating on a project or two.  However, be mindful of their time.  It has been a long day and most are trying to make it home.

Prepare a script– Preparing a good script beforehand is a great way to engage prospects.  Practice it and prepare others who would be manning the booth as well.  When preparing the script take into consideration who your audience will be, why did they come, and how you can meet their needs. 

Who’s representing you– You and I have seen them.  Those people sitting at their booth, looking like someone forced them to be there.  They are not engaging with the audience.  They are just there to make sure no one takes any additional giveaways.  So, who is representing you?  When choosing people to man the booth make sure they are engaging, understands your products or services, and have an outgoing personality.   This could increase your leads by tenfold with the right person representing you.

Follow-up is key– The most important factor in event marketing is follow-up.  You have a list of leads (people who said they are interested in your products and services) now what?  I would consider the 2×2 method.  Call or email them two days later, to say how great it was to meet them and how you have an appointment available to discuss their needs in detail.  Email or call 2 weeks later if you didn’t get the sale or they have not contacted you. I have closed many sales weeks after an expo, tradeshow, or event utilizing the 2×2 method.  









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