Why Facebook is Not Working For Your Business

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Why Facebook is Not Working For Your Business

We have all heard the success stories of how a tiny and not so tiny businesses have used Facebook to get customers, grow income, and make millions. However, some businesses haven’t cracked the code of Facebook. Making you think, why isn’t Facebook working for me? Below you will find two of the main reason why Facebook isn’t working for your business.

*The first reason why Facebook isn’t working is because you are not advertising your Facebook page using Facebook ads. Most business owners believe if they post or build it they (customers) will come. But with changes in Facebook this is simply not the case. You have to advertise your Facebook business page just like everything else. Facebook targeted ads are the perfect method to get your product to your ideal audience. Picture this, you set up a business Facebook page and don’t use any ads. How will people know about it? You can try telling them and one or two people will like your page. How about setting up a Facebook advertisement and having your ad displayed to hundreds or thousands of people per day or month? Awesome, right so go ahead try Facebook ads.

*The second reason that Facebook is not working is that your business is not social. Most post for non-social businesses are either sales focus or too much information. There should be a balance of fun, sales, relevant information, and invaluable content. Your business personality should be seen in your Facebook page. When communicating to your Facebook audience do what I do, pretend like you are chatting with an old college friend. Tell them and show them fun and exciting things that are going on in your business.

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